Affinity Partnership


Affinity Partnership

Strategic Alliances (also known as Affinity lines) is our B2B2C (Business - Business - Customers) initiative. Insurance is a valuable offering that strengthens Customer Value Proposition of our partners. India is a highly underinsured nation. Our partners engage with a vast population that is usually underinsured or uninsured. Mahindra Insurance brokers is equipped to provide customised offerings to the partners based on consumer insights.

Our partners belong to Banking, NBFC, Micro Finance, Cooperative Banks, Common Service Centres, OEMs, Fintech, E-Commerce, Online aggregators, Retail chains, CSR/NGOs, Logistics & Mobility, Travel, Direct Selling Agents and the likes. Essentially, any partner with a customer network fits our definition of a partner.

Affinity Partnership

Our Business Models

The Group of Model

Insurance can be presented as an optional purchase on the partner’s network or it can be offered to all customers mandatorily. When our partner becomes a Master policy holder, their customers can avail the insurance products through them, which can be attached on complimentary/voluntary basis. Structuring terms of the product depends on many factors which includes, type of business, total volume, type of risk cover and industry practice.

The premium payment and policy issuance can be managed via three modes:

  • Through our Group Portal
  • The partner can opt to pay directly through the insurance company’s online platform
  • By maintaining a float amount with the Insurance company, i.e. the partner can collect the premium from their customers and the accumulated premium can be transferred to the insurance company.

PoSP Model

With an aim of bringing maximum number of citizens under insurance cover, the Insurance Regulator has allowed the development of Point of Sales Person for Insurance. The PoSP can sell insurance of any category from Motor to Health to life etc. with an authority to issue insurance policies instantly. PoSPs are provided with a home grown digital technology of Mahindra Insurance Brokers, that allows them to sell simple insurance policies which do not require underwriting. It also enables additional earning opportunities as per IRDAI norms. Also, unlike an agent who has to spend 25 hours of training, a PoSP has to undergo just 15 hours of training with a validity of 3 years.

Sectors and Solutions

The partners nominate the employees to become PoSP through Mahindra Insurance Brokers’ Sajhedaari program. The process involves enrolling, completing the mandatory 15/30 hours of online training and clearing the exam to get licensed as a PoSP (Point of Sale Person). It is an end-to-end online process.

Financial Services (NBFCs, Micro Finance, Co-operative Banks)

Credit Life, Health Insurance, Jewellery Insurance


Hospicash, Health Insurance, Motor Insurance Products & Life Insurance

Mobility, Travel

Travel Insurance - domestic & international, Ride Insurance, Single Trip Sachet Insurance, Motor Insurance

Common Service Centers

Hospicash, Health Insurance, Motor Insurance Products & Life Insurance

E-Commerce, Logistics

Extended Warranty, Transit Insurance, Marine Insurance, Embedded Insurance, Motor Insurance

Aftermarket, Workshop chains

Motor Insurance, Road Side Assistance, Warranty


Credit Life, Health Insurance, Jewellery Insurance


Health Benefits

Why Partner with Mahindra Insurance Brokers

  • Mahindra Insurance Brokers Ltd. (MIBL) offers solutions across various categories of risk.
  • MIBL has presence across 1500+ locations in India.
  • MIBL has a team of expert professionals across each insurance category bringing valuable insights.
  • Our relationship with various insurance companies lend us the ability to negotiate best deals for our customers.
  • We handle everything from identifying the right risk protection solutions, sourcing the best terms, negotiating commercials, allowing easy integration with existing system to timely claim settlement assistance.
Why Partner with Mahindra Insurance Brokers

Affinity Partners

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